Twitterio klausimai ir atsakymai su Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier

Ketvirtadienio naktį, PokerStars profesionalas Jason Mercier trumpam sustabdė open-face Chinese pokerio žaidimus ir nutarė pabendrauti su savo fanais.

Jis pranešė savo Twitter paskyroje, kurioje jis turi daugiau nei 70,000 fanų, kad atsakinės į jam užduodamus klausimus. Taip pat pažymėjo, kad klausimai turi būti protingi ir jis neatsakinės nieko, kas yra susiję su pokerio strategijomis.

Taigi, buvo keletas juokingų, keletas rimtų, o štai mūsų mėgstamiausi:

Jason MercierRT @Jamesnou: @JasonMercier how often did you play at the hard rock coming up? <--- played a coup times / week when I was 18-19 there
Jason MercierRT @Folks14: @JasonMercier What colour shirt are you wearing? #hardhittingquestions <--- green
Jason MercierRT @RetroJz: @JasonMercier how'd you get your broll started? <- won a small amount 1st time I played online poker and never rly looked back
Jason MercierRT @IziReallyTho: @JasonMercier which do you prefer more, online or live poker? <--- live
Jason MercierRT @LukePGavin: @JasonMercier are you a fan of Melbourne? <--- Melbourne is one of coolest cities I've been to
Jason MercierRT @Lowball95: @JasonMercier what gets your adrenalin pumping? <-- financial freedom
Jason MercierRT @mschankula: @JasonMercier most useful book you read when starting out? Most useful poker book you've read recently? <- never have read 1
Jason MercierRT @FMRon: @JasonMercier Dolphins 8 wins - under/over <- over, think it pushes alot tho
Jason MercierRT @Donnie_Peters: @JasonMercier If you could've been a pro athlete, but not basketball, which sport would you choose? &lt;-- maybe soccer?
Jason MercierRT @ste_mc_efc: @JasonMercier If they all rushed you at once what do you think is the min # of rabbits needed to overwhelm you? <-- lol 7-8
Jason MercierRT @Lance_Bradley: @JasonMercier What do you own more of: basketball shoes or shirts with a collar? <--- collared shirts lol think 25 vs 4
Jason MercierRT @actoo7: @JasonMercier are you the best basketball player in poker?? <--- not even close. Doubtful im even in top 20
Jason MercierRT @99WarNickels: @JasonMercier if you had your entire BR on the table, what game would you want to play? <-- I wouldn't. But plo
Jason MercierRT @adamnmacdonald: @JasonMercier If there was one change to be made in consideration for all Poker tournys ? <-- start antes earlier
Jason MercierRT @Seba_opazoo: @JasonMercier is negreanu better than you ? <--- ask him @RealKidPoker am I better than u brah?
Jason MercierRT @JoeNelligan: @JasonMercier Do you play golf? Are you any good? <--- only played 5-6 times. One of my worst sports. Need to practice
Jason MercierRT @JoeNelligan: @JasonMercier who wins in a fight Shaun Deeb or Dan Obrien <--- is this a joke? @DanOBrienPoker would win in like 30 secs
Jason MercierRT @pamelam35: .@JasonMercier Who has been the most influential person in your life? <-- my dad @RickMercier954
Jason MercierRT @RealKidPoker: @JasonMercier what is your worst game in the 8game mix? <--- prolly limit Holdem. Wanna teach me?
Jason MercierRT @AFeldmanESPN: @jasonmercier who would play the role of you in a movie? <--- not sure, some superstar though :)

Have a question you'd like to ask Mercier? List it in the comments below and the next time we grab him for the PokerNews Podcast or another interview maybe we'll ask him!

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