Standard Backing provides long-term backing and individual coaching for MTT, MTTSNG, and Spin&Go players ranging from the micro to high stakes limits.

Standard Backing is a backing group that has been operating since 2008, and has backed hundreds of players, some of which have played for us for years. Our focus is on developing trusting and long-term relationships while the players maintain the flexibility to reach their personal goals.

Our coaches specialize in MTTs, 180s, and Spins. They are fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. Most of our coaching is 1 on 1 to unlock and maximize your knowledge and potential.

Limited Time Commitments
MTTs and 180s
You can end your contract whenever you are in profit.
We generally sign a contract for several months AND several thousand games played.

Volume requirements
MTTs and 180s
We expect our players to play a minimum of 300 games (MTTs and 180s) per month on a rolling 12-month average.
We request that our players play a minimum of 1,500 Spin & Gos per month.

Our Coaches
All of our coaches are active in the games they coach. Ensuring they stay sharp and provide the most up-to-date knowledge to you. Sessions are typically done over Skype and Teamviewer in a one on one format so that you're getting personalized attention and instruction.

Pablo "RaydeN08" Sajer - Specializes in Spin & Gos - Fluent in Spanish and English
Robert "Playaplz" Lipkin - Specializes in mid-high stakes MTTs
Gonzaga "Zagazaur" Oliveira - Specializes in mid-high stakes MTTs, Fluent in Portuguese and English
Pedro “Whyme270483” Goncalves- Specializes in low-mid stakes MTTs - Fluent in Portuguese, German, and English
Mike “Mentality135” Harris - Specializes in 180s
Elliot Roe - Specializes in mental game coaching

Read more about our coaches on our website.

Daily Profit Chops
We believe that the player should keep the profit they make. As a result, profit chops occur within 24 hours.

Our players receive bonuses for good performance and a strong work and study ethic.

Apply Now!

If you're interested in applying please go to and fill out the application.
We're currently not accepting US or Greek players. Before Applying Please make sure that you meet the following criteria:
• Opt-in on sharkscope for all relevant sites
• Please make sure that you meet our minimum volume requirements of at least 3k games over the previous 12 months.
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