€10,300 High Roller

Ari Engel Eliminated in 5th Place (€307,900)

[user38873] • Lygis 30: 80,000-160,000, 20,000 ante
Ari Engel

The action folded around to Connor Drinan in the small blind and he shoved for more than three million. Ari Engel peeked at his cards and quickly called out of the big blind with an almost identical stack.

Engel: {A-Spades}{10-Clubs}
Drinan: {J-Spades}{9-Clubs}

The board ran out {K-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{5-Hearts} and Drinan improved to a pair of nines. The stacks were counted and Engel was covered, though not by much, and was eliminated in fifth place for €307,900.

Žetonų kiekiai
Connor Drinan us 6,700,000 3,600,000
Ari Engel ca iškrito

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