Event #39: $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better

Tehan Eliminates Kravchenko and Dents Schneider

[user139916] • Lygis 9: 600-1,200, 100 ante

Tom Schneider: {X-}{X-}/{8-Spades}{5-Spades}{J-Clubs}{10-Clubs}
Alex Kravchenko: {X-}{X-}/{9-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}
Joe Tehan: {X-}{X-}/{2-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{3-Clubs}

We arrived at the table on sixth street where Kravchenko was already all in. Schneider was in the tank and eventually check-called a bet from Tehan. It was the same story on seventh street and Tehan tabled {2-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{7-Clubs} for deuces full of sevens. Neither Schneider nor Kravchenko could beat it and Tehan collected the pot.

Žetonų kiekiai
Joe Tehan us 17,000 1,800
Tom Schneider us 2,000 -12,900
Alex Kravchenko ru iškrito

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