Event #40: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Ausmus Doubles

Webjoker • Lygis 16: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Jeremy Ausmus shoved under-the-gun plus one for 42,500. Action quickly folded to the big blind who made the call with his {9-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}. Ausmus tabled {A-Clubs}{J-Hearts} and was in the lead after the flop: {J-Clubs}{3-Spades}{3-Clubs}. The {4-Clubs} on the turn didn't make a difference and neither did the {3-Hearts} on the river. Ausmus, with the higher full house, doubles to a little over 90,000.

Žetonų kiekiai
Jeremy Ausmus us 90,500 53,500

Žymos: Jeremy Ausmus